Monday, December 24, 2007

Solve music not playing problems

Let me put my solution right at the top. Try installing Apple Quicktime. Type or copy-paste "download Apple Quicktime" into the search box above, make sure the [ ] Web box is ticked, click search and your should see the link to the Apple Quicktime download page on the very first link on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page. No guarantee, but twice it solve my music player not working problems.

I have a demonstration blog Invisible background music player configured so that any visitors to the above blog who have their speakers turned on will automatically hear background music. This had been tested to work. Instruction on how to do it is at Invisible background music player and why you should not install it.

I do extensive multi-tasking with many browsers, many tabs, Notepad files, Excel files, photo editors like the free Irfanview photo editor and Paint which comes together with Windows, all opened simultaneously. Sometimes I get problems like right-click not working, clicking on a tab does not open that page, etc. My son suggested upgrading to a Core 2 processor computer as it is better for multi-tasking, which is what I did. Problem is, I forgot to reinstall Apple Quicktime. When I checked on Invisible background music player, I heard no music. This was not the first time I had encountered such problem, so I knew what to do. I downloaded and installed Apple Quicktime, and now when I surf to Invisible background music player, I will get nice background music playing while I work. However, I do not recommend you go to that blog with your speakers on if it is late at night with people sleeping, you have a sleeping baby beside you or you happened to be at your work place. If you really want to, turn the volume of the speakers to low.