Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Testing putting own music in post using eSnips

This post is a result of my blog reader asking how, using eSnips, he can change the music to his own music. So I have first uploaded a music file to eSnips, then got the widget to embed in this post:


For instructions, see Add music to your blog another easy way using eSnip. This is for putting the music player in a post. If you want it in the sidebar, refer to eSnip music player in the sidebar. However, please note that if you put the player in the sidebar, the "Play" button become very small and the triangle symbol to indicate "Play" and the 2 vertical lines to indicate "Stop" is indistinquishable.


Feng's Blog said...

hehe,the player looks great,and the music is great too.:)

S. said...

thanx a lot, i was just looking for something like that!

Bonnie Sonder's View said...

This worked great. Now I need to get my own music to play. Will figure it out with all the help.
Thanks sincerely.

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Thanx for the Music Help!

How did you get that extra side bar on your Blog Page??? I'd really like to know?

I've never seen a template with the extra white side bar on the left.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Nate and Jess and Jr,

Regarding the bar, are you by chance refering to the extra sidebar I have in my blogs? This is what many refer to 3 column templates and it can be done a difficult way and easy ways.

Easy way:

New Blogger template modified by Stavanger
Dots New Blogger template with Header
New Blogger templates modified by Ramani
New Blogger templates by Isnaini
New Blogger templates by Thur
Ramani's New Blogger Neo template
New Blogger template by Final Sense
New Blogger templates by BloggerBuster

More complicated:

Add second sidebar to your blog

Hopefully, this is what you are referring to.

Peter Blog*Star
Blogger Tips and Tricks

Peter Chen said...

Hi Nate et. el.

Maybe this will interest you too:

Best template for your blog.

Template choice is a very personal thing. Some like fancy colorful blogs, I like something simple. Whatever it is, hope you find something useful there.

Peter Blog*Star
Tips and Tricks for Blogger or "Son of Blogger Tips and Tricks" slotted for conversion to custom domain

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Thanx so much again! I got the Template I wanted!

pattern said...

Nice music thanks for sharing it.awesome tune.
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Beauty & Fashion Blog said...

helo sir
but esnips palyer not working sometimes.what do you think about google mp3 player.can u give me some adviceon it.how to put google mp3 player on my blogpost?thanks